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Energy Medicine Research Institute performs scientific consulting for many types of businesses. The founder, Dr. Lisa Tully PhD, identifies, evaluates  innovative health technologies.


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Clinical Trials to Support Marketing Claims


Energy Medicine Research Institute specializes in assisting companies in the integrative health and natural product arenas to obtain clinical trials to support marketing claims.

We conduct Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved clinical trials that can be used to support marketing claims and meet regulatory requirements. Your clinical trials will be customized for your product to provide optimal support for marketing claims. Dr. Tully

can also get this work published in peer reviewed scientific journals.


One type of testing conducted is evaluating strength, flexibility and endurance. We have developed a protocol of academic standardized tests that measure these  characteristics.

Another test we have developed is assessing the effectiveness of devices that protect from electrosmog (harmful electromagnetic fields, emfs). Dr. Tully and collaborators have developed a strategy to evaluate the physical effects of electrosmog. These tests are used by Energy Medicine Research Institute to determine the efficacy of products that protect individuals. They recently published a scientific article on this work (2010, Eur. J. Oncol.

- Library Vol. 5 273-300;  National Institute for the Study and Control of Cancer

and Environmental Diseases “Bernardino Ramazzini” Bologna, Italy).